Case Management through ICS

When Huw Jermine was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease, he and his wife Val didn't

know where to turn for help.


The couple found it hard to make their way through a complicated system where it was not

clear what benefits they were entitled to or how to find even basic advice.

“You can feel quite isolated without expert help and guidance and without that, you are going

to become even more isolated,” Mr Jermine, of Ackleton, near Bridgnorth said.

He said his wife struggled to juggle being a full-time carer for him while also trying to find the

various support they needed.

But then the pair found Independent Care Solutions, who can help provide managed care

services and advice on what support is available.

“We needed help but did not know where to go to get it,” Mr Jermine said. “Now we are using

ICS to advise us.

“They provided us with a shortlist of care agencies from which we were able to choose from,

knowing they would be suitable.

“We were having trouble organising for ramps to go over the threshold of our house but ICS

found a company for us. That’s a practical thing for us.

“It saves a large amount of precious time. Looking after me keeps my wife busy and she does

not get time to go looking for companies like that.”

Mr Jermine said there was a gap in the system where a company like ICS could really help


“The NHS was good in the initial stages but this is an ongoing venture. There are other people

in a similar position to us. There’s a niche need for this support, which ICS are fulfilling,” he


Winnie Lloyd, 80, of Hanwood, Shrewsbury, found herself in a similar position to Mr and Mrs

Jermine after she needed to find new carers to help her at home after two hip operations.

She said: “If I have any problems, I ring them and they will sort it out for me. They will find

someone based on your own needs and it really is a person-to-person service.

“I wanted a professional physiotherapist to help me recover and they found her for me.”

Mrs Lloyd said she had found ICS so helpful she had recommended the services to friends.

“I ran out of pamphlets and had to ask for some more to give to people and they are very

grateful to find them,” she said.

Charlotte Quinton, of ICS, said there were a wide range of options to choose from to suit a

variety of needs.

Both Mr Jermine and Mrs Lloyd signed up for ongoing case management.

“In Mr Jermine’s case, as he has a degenerative disease, I can alter his service when required to

match his changing needs.

“I am able to coordinate other professionals that are involved such as equipment providers,

physiotherapists and district nurses,” she said.

Charlotte said many people entering the care system for the first time found it a bewildering

experience and were often lost in a sea of information and did not know where to turn.

Making sense of the type of care available, as well as the confusing world of care home fees

and elderly care costs can help make a stressful time more manageable.

She said: “You are already faced with the worry that you need help to live your daily life and it’s

made even harder by the fact you don’t know where to turn to for support.

“For family carers, it can be hard to find the right information and help and make sure you are

getting everything available to you.

“We come in and take that stress away. We can do a full needs assessment to determine the

appropriate levels of care required for you and also offer ongoing family carer support,” she


ICS charges an annual fee for case management but also offers free advice through regular Care Advice Clinics.

“This service can include looking for a specific product or service to meet your needs,” she said.


ICS 31

Please contact ICS to discuss case management options further. 01743 724990

Pictured left to right: Andrea Jones & Charlotte Quinton



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