Help to have a break this summer

With the summer fast approaching, many people will be thinking of holidays in the sun to recharge their batteries after the long and cold winter.

However, for many of those caring for loved ones, even a couple of days away can seem impossible.


But there is help out there for those who need it and Shropshire-based Independent Care Solutions is there to help them find it.


“For a lot of people, caring for an elderly or disabled loved one is a 24-hour, 365-day a year job and that can be both mentally and physically exhausting,” said Andrea Jones, from Independent Care Solutions.


“We want to help those people take a break while knowing the person they care for is in good, safe hands."


“We can help carers find a solution, whether through respite, organising suitable home care, or sourcing voluntary and community based solutions, carers can have some time for themselves."


“Respite care is not just about the person being cared for, it is also just as important for the carers themselves."


“People caring for others should not feel guilty about wanting or needing a break. The help is out there and we are here to help them find which option is best for them.”


For more information and to discuss the options available, contact Independent Care Solutions on 01743 724990.


Andrea and colleague Charlotte Quinton are also able to offer consultations in people’s own homes for those unable to attend their office.






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