Infection prevention and control in care homes: information resource published

An information resource and summary for care workers on the prevention and control of infection in care homes has been published.


These aim to assist staff in taking all reasonable steps to protect residents and staff from acquiring infections and cross infection; and provide information and guidance on infection prevention and control that will assist managers undertaking risk assessments and in developing policies.


The steps taken in care homes to protect residents and staff from infection represent an important element in the quality of care. Therefore families and carers want to be assured that the care their relatives and dependants receive is provided in a clean and safe environment.


Infections acquired in care homes may be serious and, in some cases, life-threatening. These may worsen underlying medical conditions and adversely affect recovery. Infections may be caused by organisms resistant to antibiotics and the high media profile they generate may alarm residents, their relatives and carers.



Read; Prevention and control of infection in care homes: an information resource


Read; Prevention and control of infection in care homes: summary for staff


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