Shropshire Care Roadshows

Independent Care Solutions are always looking for suitable venues as they take their advisory services on the road.


Independent Care Solutions helps those funding their own care or who want a more independent approach to their support to find the right services to suit their needs, whether in the short or long term.


Charlotte Quinton and Andrea Jones, who are based at the Rural Enterprise Centre in Stafford Drive, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury, offer free initial consultations for those who find themselves needing care.


They now plan to make that service even more accessible with their Care Advice Roadshow and are looking for venues across the county.


“A lot of those who find themselves needing care often have no idea where they can turn for advice on what options are available to them,” said Mrs Quinton.


“By taking our free consultations out on the road, we hope to reach even more people and help them find the right care for them.


“When people contact us, it’s usually because they are in a crisis or have been thrown into needing care but don’t know how to find what they need.


“We pride ourselves on going that extra mile for individuals and their families and are keen to get our knowledge out there to the people who need it.”


Mrs Quinton said they were looking for suitable venues such as community halls as seen in the picture below, health centres, residential homes and even GP practices.


“If any venue out there is keen to take part and host one our roadshows, please get in touch with either myself or Andrea on 01743 724990.”

Independent Care Solutions can also be emailed on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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