Specialist Case Management Services

The case management services offered by Independent Care Solutions (ICS) are proving to be very popular throughout Shropshire and surrounding areas.


This week alone, ICS have successfully coordinated and set up 6 packages of support, all of which will be delivered by a range of care providers that are signed up to the ICS framework.


Elderly and disabled people throughout Shropshire are certainly taking advantage of having an alternative to statutory services and more and more feel the great benefits of choosing to receive the support and advice available through the case management options. 


ICS have something for everyone, catering for all levels of need and all degrees of budget. The case management options are proving to be great services and peace of mind for relatives.


ICS are always interested in new care providers joining the ICS framework so that they are in a position to receive referrals and also showcase their services on the ICS website. If you are a care provider or a provider of other services that are a benefit to elderly and disabled people they please get in touch with ICS to discuss how you can benefit from joining the framework. 



Contact us - 01743 724990 / 0333 800 1434


Email us - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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