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Care Planning

MazeFadedAre you feeling lost or confused by the care system?

Don't know who to contact or where to start?

Need help finding your way?

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We have a range of services to choose from to assist you in finding the right level of support
to meet your needs:

Identifying Your Needs

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Identifying Equipment and Aids

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Managing your care budget

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Planning for Now and the Future

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Finding Products and Services

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Managing Your Selected Services

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Identifying your needs:


ICS is able to carry out a full care needs assessment of your personal, physical and social care needs to determine what forms of support are required to effectively meet those needs. This can be carried out at a place, time and at a pace to suit you. You are also able to decide if you would like to have somebody present to assist you in this part of the process. You will receive a full report which details the areas we have covered in the assessment and if required we are able to include a point of comparison for the future, so that you and your loved ones can see how your needs are changing. The details of your needs will also help to inform your Support Plan or Care Plan if you wish to plan for the future in this way.

Identifying equipment and aids:


ICS are able to assist you in identifying your equipment and aids, so as to ensure that you have every opportunity to remain as independent as possible and safe in doing so. We can take the time to find out where to go to get the equipment you need and we can make the necessary phone calls and referrals on your behalf. Have a look at our directory which includes equipment providers.

Managing Your Care Budget


Calculating the costs of the services (care fees) you need to have in place can be difficult and time consuming. ICS are able to take the time to do this on your behalf in a bid to assist you in stretching your care budget as far as possible. This can refer to either your budget allocated to you by your Local Authority or it can refer to your own funds that you are using to pay for your own care. Either way, tell us how much you wish to spend, and we will source the products and services that you require and negotiate the rates on your behalf. This can include home care or domiciliary care costs, care home costs and if necessary we can point you in the right direction for expert care fees advice in your local area.

Planning for now and the future:


It can be difficult to take the time and have the skill to effectively plan for now, never mind the future. You may not be fully aware of your options and so end up choosing the first offer that comes along, however costly or inconvenient to you and maybe your family. ICS are able to support you to do this in a way that produces results that are right for you. ICS always seek to find the creative alternatives in a bid to find products or services that can meet your needs and produce better outcomes. Whilst focusing on your immediate needs will be the first priority, it is just as important to ensure that you are thinking about your future, particularly as your needs are going to change and the levels of support around you will also need to change in order to manage your needs and keep you well. Effective planning through ICS can be undertaken through care management, care planning and through general support for carers.

Finding suitable products and services:


ICS have the skill to shop around to find what is right for you. All we need you to do is to tell us what it is you are looking for, how you would like to receive it and how much you would like to spend. ICS will then scour the market including your local community to find and produce the goods. From the results of the search that meet your criteria, you will then be presented with the findings and you then have the opportunity to way up your options ad make the decisions that are right for you. You can take all the time you need to do this and seek additional advice if you feel it is necessary. Once you have reached a decision, you can then advise ICS on how to proceed on your behalf. If this level of support is required, then ICS will proceed with setting up your chosen services and you can concentrate on living your life. This is delivered as self directed support and encourages personalised services for individuals.

Assistance in managing your selected services:


Once you have decided on the products and services that are right for you, it is then time to think about how they are going to be managed in the future. Some individuals are able to manage this themselves whilst others may request a relative to take on this role. For many people neither of these options are suitable or available. ICS are able to take on this level of support if required and can actually manage the funds to cover the costs of these ongoing services. If this option is chosen, you will have peace of mind by knowing that your services are paid on time and you can also log in to your account to see the latest transactions i.e. which invoices have been paid and your remaining balance etc. If you think this may be a good option for you or for a loved one, then please contact us to discuss further.


To select the service that's right for you, then please go to the

ICS Services page to browse your options.

If you have any questions about the services we have to offer, or you
require a more bespoke service then please contact us .


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