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arrowspurple'I have been delighted by the prompt, professional and thorough service which ICS has given to my clients. I am so glad that I have found them'.

Mrs Liz Holdsworth. Care Funding Specialist Wace Morgan Solicitors and Regional Co-ordinator Shropshire SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly)


arrowspurple'I have had sleepless nights worrying about how to help mum. One call to you and in one fell swoop - everything's been sorted. It is a huge weight off my shoulders. I cant thank you enough'

The son of an ICS client.


arrowspurple'We appreciate all your time and effort in working through everything so thoroughly and helping things move forward with my Aunt. Many thanks'

A family relative, concerned about their loved one.


arrowspurple'Thank you for all of your help - it is VERY welcome'

An ICS member


arrowspurple'We would like to say how delighted we are with the service which is being given to our client, which is proving a great relief to her family'

From a professionals perspective


arrowspurple'I am so grateful to you for the service you have given. It has provided me with great reassurance'

Views from a family carer


arrowspurple'Thank you so much for your time and care'

An ICS member


arrowspurple'Knowing you are there offering help when we need it is a huge pressure off us. Thank you'

Views from a clients relative


arrowspurple'I have found your involvement very reassuring to our clients and I am already recommending your service to others'

Views from a local Residential Home


arrowspurple'Your knowledge and dedication has been invaluable to our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts'

Relatives of a client and member of ICS


arrowspurple'You achieved more in 2 hours than we could ever have imagined. After months of telephone conversations, meetings, paperwork & questions - we had lost all hope. Your professionalism and experience shone through. Thanks to you, we now have a realistic plan. Fabulous!'

Views from a family supported by ICS


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